Review Opportunity: Free My Heart of Grief to Love by Sandra Moore Bernsen

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Title: Free My Heart of Grief to Love: A Journey from Loss to Joy
Sandra Moore Bernsen
Age Range:
Genre: Nonfiction - Memoir
Borderline Publishing
Release Date: January 16, 2014
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"Free my Heart of Grief to Love" is an exceptional book about losing oneself in the trials of life and ultimately finding the path through survival to living again. Join Sandra as she shares her life's journey from her earliest childhood experiences to the events that took her to complete and unimaginable heartbreak and sorrow. Through the pain, emptiness and tears, she begins to question everthing she'd known before. Sheer determination to leave the pain behind and become whole again keeps her going. Learning meditation, finding spiritual peace, the ability to love again and happiness in daily life has been her reward.

Sandra's story is inspirational and empowering. She acknowledges that each person is on his or her own journey through life. It is Sandra's hope that each reader will find in her book the healing, peace, joy and inspiration to overcome challenges.

I was born in Minnesota and moved to remote western Montana at age five. At age 35 I moved to Idaho - the place I call home.

I never dreamed that I would ever write a book. Academics were a struggle for me and I only read four small paperbacks throughout my education years. So how did I come to write this memoir? Life happened! As I've progressed through life I have learned much, and questioned a lot.

After experiencing the loss of both of my children, my husband and mother I made the decision to write my book.

So many people found my life story intriguing. Their interest only confirmed that I was indeed meant to share my life with others. My goal is to help empower others, to give the permission to question, to allow one to move forward when they feel lost, alone, and wondering what the heck is happening, and to find the strength to move forward when their challenge seems impossible to conquer.

We are each on a separate journey to experience different things. We are joined by friends, family and acquaintances but none will follow the path of the other. Each of us thinks our own thoughts. No two are alike, but the sharing and caring that happens every day provides strength and wisdom to the others. How exciting and interesting.

The five years that it took to put this book together was a time of healing for me - a time of great forward momentum. Going from the darkest of days to living my life with love and happiness - which was something I wasn't sure I could accomplish. But I did. My evolution continues and with joy in my heart I will greet this day and every day I awake to.

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