Review Opportunity: Summerland: Robin Hood Returns by David Vahlberg

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Title: Summerland: Robin Hood Returns
David Vahlberg
Age Range:
Young Adult
Genre: Heroic Fantasy
Borderline Publishing
Release Date: November 13, 2011
Goodreads Link:

The Master archer, Robin Hood, has lain deep in the Oaks of Sherwood Forest, hidden from the eyes of men, his body magically suspended, unchanged, through the centuries by the powerful enchantments of his chosen Love, Lore Feather-Fern the Elven maid of Summerland. An ancient enemy, the Morrigan, and her Shadowland allies seek the destruction of Summerland and the Earth, and greedy men are set on a course to level the ancient Oaks of Sherwood for profit.

Can Robin Hood and his companions, Little John, Friar Tuck, Alan-a-Dale and Marian save the forests and the bringers of life to all worlds, Lord Oak and Lady Ivy, from destruction and the chaos of dark Sorcery?

David was reared in an isolated, loving, small community, where he learned the core values of sharing, caring, and helping others. His nearest neighbors were miles away, so his playground was the desert and the creek and his friends the many animals on the forty acres of his family's homestead.

In his mid-teens, he began to study martial arts with Sensei Tsutomu Oshima, which taught him patience and the strength of will of the warrior. He has always had a fascination with the Renaissance and the Age of the Hero which has colored his writings and poetry.

Vahlberg is the author of the poetic anthology A Knight of Love, The Winter Stag, Robin Hood: The Forester of Sherwood, and Summerland: Robin Hood Returns.

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