Review Opportunity: The Little Black Schoolhouse by Sylvia Griffin

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Title: The Little Black Schoolhouse
Schoolhouse #1
Sylvia Griffin
Age Range:
Older Teens - Adults
Genre: Classical Horror
Borderline Publishing
Release Date: January 5, 2010
Goodreads Link:

As Linda Garza begins teaching in a schoolhouse entombed in the side of a hill, she receives dreams from La Llorona, “The Weeping Woman,” she has feared since her own childhood. These dreams warn Linda of the deaths of students who will be claimed by the evil buried within the school. Will she be able to use the ancient Aztec knowledge she learned as a child to deliver today’s youths from certain destruction?

Sylvia Griffin has taught in the public schools for more than forty years and has worked as a consultant for the U.S. Department of Juvenile Justice. Her Schoolhouse Series tetralogy consists of 1)The Little Black Schoolhouse; 2)Hellside Elementary School; 3)Reading, Righting, and Revenge; 4)terraspace.orb.

She has also written The Hand of a Woman which is a novella about home invasion, organized crime, and how they select their victims.

She has written two comedies for the theater. They are 1)"Memorandum: Murder" with music written by Mark Griffin for the one member of the cast who speaks only with piano keyboard music and 2)"Once Upon a Trial or Storybook Scandals" which is a complete musical with script and lyrics by Sylvia Griffin and music by Mark Griffin. Anyone interested in these two theatrical works should contact Borderline Publishing.

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